Welcome to the i-Tree Glossary of Terms!

In the more than ten years since i-Tree began, it has accumulated a lot of momentum in terms of all the software applications, data collection aspects, web resources, science, and presentations. Like any specialized field, Urban Forestry and thus i-Tree comes with their own set of vocabulary and abbreviations.

This resource attempts to gather all of these terms into one place, for an easy-to-use reference. Click the Get Started button to dive into the glossary. A starting search term is optional.

Common Acronyms
DBH - diameter at breast height
DCIA - directly connected impervious area
DEM - digital elevation model
EMC - event mean concentration
IV - importance value
LAI - leaf area index
LID - low impact development
NLCD - National Land Cover Database
NIPF - non-industrial private forestland
QA - quality assurance
TI - topographic index
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